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Dog Sledding in Alaska by Justin MatleyDog mushing isn’t just another way to enjoy winter in Alaska. True, the ride is exhilarating while silently gliding over the soft, snow covered terrain. Well-trained dogs also give the rider and even the musher a chance to look around and take in the scenery. But dog mushing is far more. It’s a chance to experience a historical mode of transportation that helped define Alaska and our communities.

Dog sled teams have been used to transport cargo and precious materials. They’ve been known to brave the harshest weather in order to deliver life-saving vaccines to ill stricken villages. And they currently captivate the world during the annual Iditarod Sled Dog Race.

Talkeetna and the surrounding area including Willow, Trapper Creek and Petersville is a hub for dog mushing with thousands of miles of maintained trails. Your dog mushing guide will show you some of his or her favorites, with grand views of the Alaska Range and open, sparkling meadows of snow. Or, perhaps you’ll enjoy the forest and creeks where the trails are winding and spruce and birch pass by in a blur.
Make no mistake, dogs are quick and powerful.

Dog mushing, or sledding if you will, provides an experience of a lifetime in Alaska.

For a list of sled dog tours, checkout the Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce Business Directory

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