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Flightseeing Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park

No one should leave Alaska, or live here for that matter, without seeing the land and all its natural sculptures and ruggedness from the air. If you think our precious Denali and the Alaska Range look cool from the ground, you haven’t seen anything yet. And best of all, flightseeing provides the opportunity to not only look at mountains up close, you can even land on a glacier and take a stroll. One might compare it to walking on the moon, for the world you are about to experience is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Talkeetna is home to multiple flightseeing service providers. These aren’t the bushpilots of the movies, flying off on a wing and a prayer. Our local pilots and small airlines have been in the business of providing grand tours to visitors for generations. Also, Alaska pilots are known to be some of the best in the world since they log so many hours and experience such a wide variety of weather patterns. The aircraft, too, are serviced to provide safe, comfortable rides. In Alaska it’s not uncommon to see small planes with large tires that land on open tundra, similar craft that use beaches as airstrips for remote bear viewing, and planes with skis for frozen lake and glacier landings. There’s no destination you can’t reach.

Float planes in Talkeetna, Alaska by Justin MatleyGlacier landing with Talkeetna Air Taxi by Justin MatleyYou might experience the thrill of flying on Alaska’s favorite bush plane, the DeHavilland Beaver, or perhaps the larger Turbo Otter. Either way, once in the sky the world takes on a whole new shape, and you’ll forever regard flightseeing in Alaska as one of your life’s greatest experiences.

For a list of flightseeing tours, checkout the Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce Business Directory

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