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It’s likely there isn’t a single person in Alaska that doesn’t like to explore the backcountry, and there’s no quicker way to cover large ground than on an ATV or in a 4×4. For off road enthusiasts, we’ve got just what you need in terms of trails and accessible terrain. Follow the river systems with creek-side, ATV accessible trails. Take a trip south to cruise up into the higher elevations of Hatcher Pass and explore the connecting side roads, which are all better suited for 4x4s. Or, within a short drive from Susitna River Lodge, you and your companions can embark on an exploration of the foothills of Petersville and explore into the Alaska Range.

Better yet, for newcomers and large family groups, hire the services of a local ATV guide who knows the trails, can provide the machines, and will show you some of the best sights around while making sure you stay safe in the backcountry. ATV trails often cross creeks that are often changing, and unknown terrain always posts hazards to riders. A guide will steer you clear of trouble, and also assist during wildlife encounters. Their goal is to make your Alaska off-roading experience unique and enjoyable.

For a list of local Off-Road and ATV tour guides, checkout the Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce Business Directory

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