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River rafting in Talkeetna, AlaskaWater and rivers are what shaped our amazing landscape. Exploring Alaska via a raft, canoe, kayak, jetboat or water taxi is the best way to witness the awesome power at hand and to enjoy our greatest resource, fresh water. The connecting rivers and tributaries in the Susitna Valley Drainage make up one of the world’s most dramatic landscapes, and the fish that run these waters each year are a tribute to Alaska’s efforts to keep waterways clean and pristine.

River trips are one of the primary reasons for visitors in this particular region of Alaska, and every means of river travel is available whether guided or self guided. River rafting and float trips have become increasingly popular, allowing the traveler to see the world from the pace of the river. Floating trips can also be used for fishing, whether casting from the raft or floating to otherwise inaccessible fishing holes and then stopping to fish from the bank.

And who hasn’t noticed the allure of river kayaking, gliding quickly and quietly while sneaking up on river bank wildlife? It goes without saying that with so many rivers and tributaries in the area that the kayaking opportunities are out of this world. We highly recommend that kayak enthusiasts attempt to bring their kayak with them or connect up with a local guide or rental service.

Jetboat tours cruise passengers and high speed up the rivers and against the current, and back again. They are particularly useful to reach incredible destinations quickly, give passengers more scenery and wildlife sights than they can hardly process, and navigate from one river into another, using the rivers like a system of roads to bring passengers face-t0-face with unimaginable wilderness beauty.

Water taxis also use the rivers like roads, but are more focused on transporting passengers to single destinations where they might want to camp or fish for extended periods. Sometimes, a water taxi might be the only way to reach a destination, and they make for excellent alternatives to flying.

For a list of rafting, kayak and jet boat tours, checkout the Talkeetna Chamber of Commerce Business Directory

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