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Recreation Areas

Let us start by saying that Alaska is just one big recreation area. To look for specific sites to enjoy almost isn’t necessary; adventure can be found around every river bend. That said, recreation sites do have some great things to offer such as maintained trails, designated wildlife viewing locations, boardwalks, regulations against certain activities that might spoil your wilderness experience, bathroom facilities and other amenities. Tour companies also base their operations on these locations, opening a world of adventure possibilities and sharing the best of Alaska with guests.

Two and a half hours drive north of Talkeetna is the world famous Denali National Park. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to tour the park interior and witness grizzly bear, caribou and wolves in their natural habitat. Or if you don’t have time for the drive, cut your trip short and drive about 45 minutes north of Talkeetna to visit Denali State Park with camping, fishing and hiking trails. You can’t beat the view of Denali from the Kesugi Ridge trail. Or get up close and personal with the Alaska Range while exploring Peters Hills at the west end of the park.

Hatcher Pass with incredible alpine views and hiking can be found to the south of Talkeetna by following Willow-Fishhook Road out of Willow. In the pass you’ll also come across Independence Mine State Historic Park complete with original outbuildings, indoor displays and walking paths. Hiking trails also surround the area.

Nancy Lakes State Recreation Area with fantastic fishing and hiking opportunities is also nearby. There is no better way to spend a vacation than to be situated centrally among all these great, Alaskan recreation resources.

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