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Snowmobile Tours

Snowmobile Tours Talkeetna AlaskaSunset snowmobiling in Denali National Park by Justin MatleyWelcome to the world’s best snowmobile and snowmachine playground. In Talkeetna, or within a short drive, guests can find unimaginable trails, powder-filled meadows, slopes, backcountry access via frozen rivers, bald mountain tops, and all manner of excellent and exciting snowmobile opportunities. Many guests and snowmobile clubs in the past have rallied together for group rides right from our front porch. We encourage bringing your own machine or joining in on a guided snowmobile tour, snowmobile provided.

There’s hardly a better system of trails in the state, and Talkeetna and the surrounding area provides backcountry thrills and exhilarating landscapes to explore. Best of all, snowmobiles allow for the quickest and easiest access to distant locations, especially higher elevations, where one can look out over the world, relax with a hot drink, and marvel at the Alaska Range and surrounding Talkeetna Mountains.

Susitna River Lodge Guided Snowmobile Tours
Guided tours only, no individual rentals.


  • $100 for 2 hour tour, $150 for 3 hour tour per ¬†machine with a minimum of 2 machines. Fuel not included in price.¬†
  • Custom tours upon request.

The tours run along the Chulitna River bluff, or into the Petersville mountains, or up into the Talkeetna mountains to Bald Mountain (wonderful views on all the rides). Bluff trail is best for moose viewing.

Max of 6 machines, two of which are two up. We can accommodate up to 6 adults and two kids or smaller adults. Helmets provided. Warmer gear also available if needed, upon request (bunny boots, gloves, snow pants and jackets)

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